Facebook advertising equipment to lay a large market

Facebook's advertising revenues were $ 4.3 billion last year, figures alarming. This year that number is expected to reach 5.5 billion US dollars.glassespop
We're used to see advertising on the Facebook Web site, on the right-hand side of the page and in the stream. Facebook is frantically searching for more ways, make better advertising performance within their ecosystem.oakley outlet
However, many of these advertisements are not from advertising agency art director or any type of "creative people" hands. Facebook advertising for large advertisers (like Amazon and Fab.com) most are automatically generated by a computer. Advertisers can't even choose your own fonts: only one font, or black, or blue. By any measure, these ads are not human "creation". If you are an advertising agency creative director or copywriter or Art Director, this will get you into thinking. Even employed a large number of interactive digital advertising company publicists should stop, too. Never such a large number of ads, there is almost no participation for the creative professional.cheap eyeglasses
Of course, this situation started to Google. Its text-based search advertising and related products for one year is US $ 46 billion in revenue. In the field of advertising, these ads are mostly as an alternative for traditional legacy newspapers classified ads. Advertisers rarely make these ads. However, Facebook ad competitors already is online display advertising. Traditionally, the digital advertising agency Association hire people use your head as far as possible, designing online banner advertising. Because digital advertising is more popular, a lot of design work for the production of magazine and television advertising are being destroyed. On Facebook, which often does not require participation of major advertisers. If you're a footwear e-commerce site, you want to place its ads targeted to people with related interests, such as like red high heels. Not to advertise your brand, says "buy shoes here", but using a coupled with red high heels ad to attract users who like to click on. Problem is that every shoe factory has sold thousands of pairs of shoes, it is not possible for each stock unit (SKU) is recreated with an advertisement.cheap oakley sunglasses
Therefore, media buying company on Facebook, for example, TBG Digital, Triggit or Nanigans simply countless product photos included forming a database, when after the relevant user appear on Facebook, according to the characteristics of the user, an advertisement will be automatically produced. This is called "redirect", and is extremely effective. The effectiveness of these ads will be monitored, any subjective concepts such as "taste", "beautiful" and "style" are no longer considered effectiveness clients just want a best advertising. In front of ads, no longer have to wear the trendy people rack their brains thinking of advertising creative. Created for TV advertising creative people should be afraid of. Facebook has begun to convince customers, it's better advertising than TV advertising, more efficient, traceable. They should be prepared for such changes. For those responsible for small local print, radio and TV ads advertisers boutique, online advertising has made many of them suffered extinction. Facebook in ad does not need creative director guidance, perhaps they will also lose their jobs. Facebook has created many new creative work. It has a Facebook Studio project, stressed that Facebook advertisers can find ideas. Facebook also has a creative Committee, and senior allied to attract many advertisers.

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